8 Fun Ways to Get Patterned Walls (Without Dealing With Wallpaper)

8 Fun Ways to Get Patterned Walls (Without Dealing With Wallpaper)

Want to add character to your walls without the pain of papering? Check out these great ideas.

Patterned walls are back in, and wallpaper remains, as ever, pretty much a giant pain to deal with.

First you have to find some that suits your style. Then, you have to practically take out a loan to afford it. Then you have to glue it on—and you’d better get it on straight, because that glue is not kidding around. Lastly, if you ever get tired of it, you have to remove it, a process that any DIY renovator will tell you is one of the least fun of all time. There’s got to be some other way to add character to your walls, right?

Right! If you’re into having a beautiful home with minimum headache tax, we’ve got you covered. Here are our eight absolute favorite ways to get pretty patterned walls, without the pain of wallpaper.

Read through, then tell us your faves in the comments. Happy decorating!

1. Fabric wallpaper

When is bold, punchy wallpaper inexpensive and easy to remove? When you use fabric! Just pick a print you love, and roll it on with cornstarch. Add a little water, and your fabric wall covering will peel off without leaving a mark.

Apartment Therapy - Porch - wallpaper alternatives
Apartment Therapy

2. Mini wall decals

Into pretty patterns, but not into a big commitment? Try a dotting of mini decals. These peel-and-stick vinyl cutouts will last for years if you’re into them, and will peel off without a trace once you’re over it.

The Lovely Wall Co. - Porch - wallpaper alternatives
The Lovely Wall Co.

3. Paint pen projector art

This delicate black and white wall treatment couldn’t be easier. Just grab a paint pen and a projector, and trace a design you love onto a plain white wall.

Owen's Olivia - Porch - wallpaper alternatives
Owen’s Olivia

4. Patterned paint rollers

These patterned rollers are (seriously) brilliant—and ridiculously easy to use. Just paint a background color, choose a pattern color, and roll a fun floral, geometric, or woodsy pattern right onto your wall.

The Painted House - Porch - wallpaper alternatives
The Painted House

5. Stencils

Among all of the wallpaper alternatives the craftiverse has to offer, stenciling is the prettiest—and the classiest. Choose from Moroccan motifs, French fleurs-des-lis, and quirky chevrons in multiple colors. When you’re ready for something new, no need to strip. Just paint over and start again.

Royal Design Studio - Porch - wallpaper alternatives
Royal Design Studio

6. Removable wallpaper

This paper wallcovering is easy to wash and even easier to remove, and will last for as long as you love it. It also comes in a range of truly chic patterns: rainbow arrows, artsy leopard print, polka-dotted pineapples, and the colorful Otomi-inspired motif pictured below are some of our faves.

Kate Zaremba Company - Porch - wallpaper alternatives
Kate Zaremba Company

7. Wall murals

If you’d love the look of a giant map or a woodland forest on your walls, go for a peel-and-stick vinyl wall mural. These decals are super-easy to apply, and even easier to remove when you want to change it up.

Swagpaper - Porch - wallpaper alternatives

8. Washi tape dots

You already know all of the super-cute things you can do with washi tape. Try this purple polka-dotted twist for a custom accent wall that’s cute enough to copy.

Fellow Fellow - Porch - wallpaper alternatives
Fellow Fellow

Top Image Credit: Kate Zaremba Company

Are your walls popping with pattern, or just plain? Do you love any of these ideas?


The 12 Best DIY Rug Tutorials Of All Time

A room without a rug is like an outfit without shoes. It’s a great start, but, um...something’s missing. 

Unfortunately, covering your home in rugs can be a little bit pricey. It seems counterintuitive that the decoration that you walk on should be one of the spendiest ones in the space. But it is—and that means that sometimes, you have to get creative to stay stylish.

In the spirit of style, creativity, and having everything you want and then some, here are the twelve best DIY rug projects out there. From a faux flokati to

1. Black and white rag rug

This rug is made from inexpensive fabric remnants sewn together with one easy, continuous seam. Best of all, it can be customized to your style by picking fabrics in a palette you love.

A Beautiful Mess - Porch - DIY rugs
A Beautiful Mess

2. Mandala no-sew floorcloth

This durable floorcloth is easier than it looks. All you need is a tablecloth you love and a couple of items from the hardware store, and you’ve got high style for little effort.

Dream Book Design - Porch - DIY rugs
Dream Book Design

3. Floral jute mat

This rope mat looks like one you’d find in stores for haute hippies, but it’s ridiculously easy to make. For a bold twist, use brightly colored nylon rope instead of natural fibers.

Completely Coastal - Porch - DIY rugs
Completely Coastal

4. Geometric printed rugs

These geometric printed rugs can be customized with any shape, pattern, or color—and they’re so easy, you could make them with kids.

Homemade by Carmona - Porch - DIY rugs
Home Made by Carmona

5. Braided t-shirt rug

What do you do with those stained, worn-out t-shirts? Don’t toss them—instead, make a pretty rag rug in colors that inspire.

The Wonderforest - Porch - DIY rugs
The Wonderforest

6. Faux flokati

Dare we say…flauxkati? This DIY faux fur rug will bring a touch of texture and warmth to your space. Don’t fear the pale color—this rug is machine-washable.

View Along the Way - Porch - DIY rugs
View Along the Way

7. Gold faux zebra rug

Gold. Faux. Zebra. I mean, what else do we really need to say? Style this painted rug by itself for a modern urban look, or layer it over another rug for designer boho style.

Brittany Makes - Porch - DIY rugs
Brittany Makes

8. Painted kilim

This super-easy DIY turns a ubiquitous IKEA rug into a rich, gorgeous kilim. All you need is some painter’s tape and a desire to have the best-looking place ever.

The Gold Jelly Bean - Porch - DIY rugs
The Gold Jelly Bean

9. Aztec floorcloth

This floorcloth looks complicated, but it’s super-easy to make. A coat of clear sealer means it can be swept and even mopped, making it the perfect bright accent for a kitchen or mudroom.

Nellie Bellie - Porch - DIY rugs
Nellie Bellie

10. Moroccan painted rug

This easy DIY transforms a drab cream rug into an accent piece that makes the room. Try it in complementary colors that suit your room.

Upcycled Treasures - Porch - DIY rugs
Upcycled Treasures

11. Tribal floorcloth

This no-sew, paint-free floorcloth is as easy as a trip to the fabric store, and adds instant texture to your interior.

Vintage Revivials - Porch - DIY rugs
Vintage Revivals

12. Faux tile floorcloth

Stuck with a generic hall or entryway that’s bringing down your style? This easy, temporary fix gives your floor the texture of tile, without the commitment.

Design*Sponge - Porch - DIY rugs

Top Image Credit: Nellie Bellie

Do these DIY rugs inspire you to step up your floor style? Which one’s your fave?

Love Your Home: Five Bloggers Share Their Home’s Happy Place

Each month, we ask some of our favorite bloggers to participate in our Love Your Home series by sharing the favorite memories, favorite spaces, and “happy places” in their homes. Take a look at these bloggers’ real spaces for some inspiration of your own.

1. DIY Huntress

We’re all about projects like painting and papercrafting. But Sam of DIY Huntress takes her DIY game a step further, teaching her readers to build things on their own that ordinary mortals might never dare to DIY. With her trusty Skilsaw and some creativity, Sam creating her home on her own terms, bit by bit.

We often get so comfortable in our spaces that we forget to take time to remember why we love them so much. I couldn’t imagine being without my multi-use backyard. I mean, who wouldn’t want a workshop, yoga studio, puppy park, campsite, and outdoor eating space all in one?

Read more of DIY Huntress’s Love Your Home post here.

DIY Huntress - Porch - Love Your Home May
DIY Huntress

2. Stephanie White

Ever since I was young child art was my favorite hobby, and I dreamed of working as illustrator or art teacher. Yet, up until I owned my first home I never had my own art room, so it is a luxury I cherish as I now have a space devoted to my passion, which also happens to be where I work full time blogging and doing DIY projects. 

Read more of Stephanie White’s Love your Home post here.

Stephanie White - Porch - Love Your Home May
Stephanie White

3. Gray House Studio

Brent and I were paired up to work together on design projects as interns in high school and since then we have found that we are at our most happy when we are able to make, build and design things together….The process of dreaming up ideas for our home, bringing those ideas to life and then enjoying the spaces together is what we love most about our home.

Read more of Gray House Studio’s Love Your Home post here.

Gray House Studio - Porch - Love Your Home May
Gray House Studio

4. Inspiration for Moms

When Porch.com asked me to participate in their Love Your Home series and share my favorite place in our home I was thrilled. I knew instantly what space I would pick. My son’s bedroom will always have a special place in my heart….Once the room was completed, I loved seeing my little man enjoying it. All the hard work, the time and money spent creating this special place was totally worth it.

Read more of Inspiration for Moms’s Love Your Home post here.

Inspiration for Moms - Porch - Love Your Home May
Inspiration for Moms

5. Addicted to DIY

We’ve been slowly remodeling our home since we bought it over four years ago, and I’d never really stopped to pick a place that truly made me happiest.  The last year has been the biggest year of change for us and it has also been the time that I finally found my happy place….I have always loved the idea of a big arm chair to relax in, so a cozy reading corner was a must for me.  Here, I can sip my morning coffee or have a glass of wine in the evenings and just relax with my favorite magazine or book.

Read more of Addicted to DIY’s Love Your Home post here.

Addicted 2 DIY - Porch - Love Your Home May
Addicted 2 DIY

Top Image Credit: DIY Huntress

6 Nature-Inspired Decorations For Your Super-Zen Home

Molly Thompson

6 Nature-Inspired Decorations For Your Super-Zen Home

Transform your abode into a peaceful retreat with decorations inspired by nature.

Spending time outdoors can improve your mood, ease depression, increase your focus, and even strengthen your immune system. Luckily, you don’t have to leave your own home to reap some of these benefits—you can make your own home a healthier and calmer place by bringing a little bit of the outdoors inside with you.

To get a super-zen home and transform your abode into a calm, inspiring sanctuary, try these nature-inspired decorations.

6. Moss Silhouettes

Pith and Vigor - Porch - decorations from nature
Pith and Vigor

A natural spin on a classic decoration, this charming DIY is simple way to add a rustic look to any room. Make your guest bathroom a peaceful and welcoming space by adding smooth river rocks to your bathroom sink.

2. Tree Stump Side Table

Homedit - Porch - decorations from nature

Have a picnic indoors by curling up with a book and having your tea on this tree stump side table.

1. River Stone Welcome Mat

Thrifty Crafty Girl - Porch - decorations from nature
Thrifty Crafty Girl

Make your entryway a peaceful and welcoming space by adding smooth river rocks to your welcome mat.

3. Woodland Wallpaper

Homedit - Porch - 2 decorations from nature

Make any room in your home a tranquil forest hideaway with this woodland wallpaper.

5. Branch Jewelry Stand

Housetweaking - Porch - decorations from nature

Don’t hide your favorite necklaces in a jewelry box- display them on a lovely tree branch stand!

7. Shadow Chandelier

DIYnCrafts - Porch - decorations from nature

If you want to try a decoration that is bold but flexible, this dimmer switch chandelier will let you change between sophisticated dining room and nighttime forest.

4. Tiny Terrariums

Kristin Eldridge - Porch - decorations from nature
Kristin Eldridge

Create your own little ecosystem with these mini DIY succulent terrariums.

Top Image Credit: Homedit

What are some of your favorite ways to connect with nature? Do you love these ideas?

7 Great Ways to Decorate Your Home With Word Art

Diana Trotter

Tell a story in your home with these unique and creative ways to decorate with words.

string-art top photo

Decorating with words can be as simple as throwing a few pillows on a bed or it can be as creative as using string art or rope to tell a story. You can decorate with words in your home to inspire, to teach, and to create a space that invites friends and family to gather around. From the front porch to your home office, there are plenty of ways to decorate with words and still stay true to your style. Check out these fun ideas to get started.

1. Clever Doormat


P.S. I Made This

Make a clever first impression with your guests when you decorate with words at your front door using a sassy doormat. Dress up a plain or old doormat using stencils and spray paint, and in minutes you’ll have the coolest doormat on the block!

2. Dine With Us


The 2 Seasons

Stop by your local craft store to pick up cardboard letters for this easy DIY word art. Then grab black and pearl paint to transform the cardboard into faux metal. Your inviting word decor for your dining room is complete!

3. Good Advice Wall

Good Advice Wall

My Attic

Paint words of good advice in your home office space to keep yourself motivated, and to help keep yourself on track and off the internet while trying to stay productive! These words are from the pages of the book, Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow, and can be easily applied to your wall using wallpaper adhesive.

4. String Art

word string-art

Dear McKenzie

String art might just be the prettiest way to decorate your space with words. Still looking for creative ways to decorate with your word of the year or need a great gift idea for new parents who are looking for the perfect wall art for their nursery? String word art decor is the way to go!

5. Marquee Letters


A Pumpkin and a Princess

Marquee letters are still trending thanks to Heidi Swapp’s adorable product that you can find at Michaels craft stores. You can customize them to fit your home décor using scrapbook paper or paint. Display words that inspire, or put together a fun monogram for your entryway.

6. Wall Decals



Not sure what words to put together using marquee letters? Then let inspirational wall decals do the work for you! The best thing about wall decals, they are removable and can be re-positioned, which makes them perfect for apartment living.

7. Rope Name Art


Love of Family and Home

This word decor may be a display for a sweets table, but when the party is over make your rope word art work double duty and use it as wall decor for a rustic themed bedroom or playroom.

What story would you tell by decorating with words? Which word art project is your fave?

11 Inspiring Pinterest Accounts For People Who Love Homemaking

Pinterest was made for immersing yourself in a more beautiful world, guided by a Greek chorus of similar-minded people who convince you to explore the infinite possibilities of Mason jars and chalk paint.

As the site has grown, it’s also become a little trickier to find the Pinners who consistently post inspiring ideas among the Pinners who fill your feed with, say, ugly photos of casseroles. (Not that there is anything wrong with casseroles, I just haven’t seen one that photographs well.)

As a starting point, I’ve sifted through my current roster of favorite home and garden Pinners you should follow if you love decorating.

If you have any great Pinners you’d like to nominate, share a link in the comments, or tweet your picks at @Porchdotcom.

1. Centsational Girl

Centsational Girl - Porch - Pinners

Centsational Girl - Porch - Pinner
Centsational Girl

The wildly popular DIY blogger has an incredible array of pins, all expertly categorized. You will want to do every single project—consider yourself warned.

2. Garden Therapy

Garden Therapy - Porch - Pinners

Garden Therapy - Porch - Pinners
Garden Therapy

The Pinterest account behind this Canadian gardening blog is (naturally) heavy on the outdoor ideas. All are expertly curated, but we particularly love the Succulents and Cacti board.

3. Common Sense Homesteading

Common Sense Homesteading - Porch - Pinners

Common Sense Homesteading
Common Sense Homesteading

Though more prescriptive than eye-candy, Common Sense Homesteading has a wealth of expert advice on everything from canning to gardening.

4. Bright.Bazaar

Bright Bazaar - Porch - Pinners


This hugely popular Pinner has over 2 million followers—and counting. Though the boards cover a wide range of lifestyle topics, his home-focused pins reveal a great eye for design.

5. Joani Schofield

Joani Schofield - Porch - Pinners

Joani Schofield
Joani Schofield

Another hugely popular Pinner, Joani Schofield sets herself apart with her incredible eye for color, detail and mood. Her Pins have a certain dreamy quality that we can just get lost in. Such as: The Excellent Exteriors board, which is filled with adorable homes.

6. The Space Between

The Space Between - Porch - Pinners

The Space Between
The Space Between

Inspiring photos and genius DIYs are to be expected from the Pinterest account of a blogger currently in the midst of renovating her Key West home. Can we “Freaky Friday” ourselves into her life?

7. Maison de Pax

Maison de Paix - Porch - Pinners

Maison de Pax
Maison de Pax

Gorgeous ideas with a shabby chic accent are the specialty of blogger and Pinner Maison de Pax. You’ll find recipes, furniture recommendations and décor ideas for living with style.

8. Live Love DIY

Live Love DIY - Porch - Pinners

Live Love DIY
Live Love DIY

If you’ve ever longed for a more fabulous way to organize your desk, LiveLoveDIY has the Pin for that. You’ll find gorgeous Pins that’ll make your home (and you) more glamorous through great products, décor ideas and DIYs. And yes, that is a board that’s one hundred percent puppies, kittens, and pink flowers. We told you: fabulous.

9. Clean and Scentsible

Clean and Scentsible - Porch - Pinners

Clean and Scentsible
Clean and Scentsible

It’s hard to get excited about organizing – but the Pinner and blogger behind Clean and Scentsible manages to do so by focusing on gorgeous photos and easy tips. The truly messy will find inspiration through the solutions found on “The Household Organization Diet.”

10. Practically Functional

Practically Functional - Porch - Pinners

Practically Functional
Practically Functional

This Pinterest account has loads of DIY tutorials for décor, gifts, cleaning and holidays. Repurposing fans take note of the Trash To Treasure board, which focuses on creative upcycling ideas.

11. Fabulous Home Ideas

Fabulous Home Ideas - Porch - Pinners

Fabulous Home
Fabulous Home

What you see is precisely what you’ll get from this under-the-radar Pinner (who should definitely have more followers!). Her nicely-curated board is home to a wealth of ideas for every room of your house. The aesthetic tone is accessible and classic.

Who are your favorite Pinners? Leave a link in the comments or tweet your picks at @PorchDotCom!

12 Stunning Painted Floors That Prove You Can Have A Pretty Home Now

We’ve been there: You’ve got a perfectly good floor, and you don’t want to commit to changing it. The only problem? Your functional floor is not very pretty.

What do you do?

These twelve DIY painted floors will inspire you not to settle. Whether you’re dealing with old-fashioned linoleum, ugly vinyl, or a concrete subfloor, these painted floors prove that you don’t have to wait for a pretty floor. Grab a stencil and some paint, and transform your room this weekend!

1. Whitewashed woodgrain

Tackle a torn-up wood floor with a whitewash treatment topped by a subtle stencil.

Flea Market Trixie - Porch - DIY Painted Floors
Flea Market Trixie

2. Watercolor mint

Add interest that doesn’t steal the show with a monochromatic palette and a subtle floral stencil.

A Home Full of Color - Porch - DIY Painted Floors
A Home Full of Color

3. Boho hall runner

Give your hallways an embellishment that won’t slip or stain with a painted runner in your favorite shades.

Alisa Burke - Porch - DIY Painted Floors
Alisa Burke

4. Checkered neutrals

Add quirky interest to a traditional room by switching out rugs and carpets for a subtle checkered floor.

Thistlewood Farms - Porch - DIY Painted Floors
Thistlewood Farms

5. Stenciled concrete

Make a concrete subfloor the best thing that ever happened to your bathroom with a sweet white stencil.

Young House Love - Porch - DIY Painted Floors
Young House Love

6. Bold megaflorals

Go big and go home with a giant floral pattern that hides damaged wood floors.

Make: - Porch - DIY Painted Floors

7. Updated polka dots

Deal with out-of-date vinyl sheeting by painting on a pattern that suits your style.

A Warm Conversation - Porch - DIY Painted Floors
A Warm Conversation

8. Subway lettering

Transform a drab laundry room with a bold lettered floor. Paint on your favorite quote for extra heart!

First Home...Love Life via DIY Show Off - Porch - DIY Painted Floors
First Home…Love Life via DIY Showoff

9. White and grey faux bois

Try white and grey faux woodgrain for a clean bohemian backdrop to any style.

Vintage Revivals - Porch - DIY Painted Floors
Vintage Revivals

10. Geometric cubes

3-D illusion cubes add depth and interest to any room.

Little Green Notebook - Porch - DIY Painted Floors
Little Green Notebook

11. Faux marble tile

Love tile, but not a fan of actually doing the tiling? Try a chic faux-marble tile finish in a deco pattern that’s straight from The Great Gatsby.

Nest Studio - Porch - DIY Painted Floors
Nest Studio

12. Leopard print runner

Go ahead, have fun! They’re your floors, and you can paint them leopard print if you want to.

One Kings Lane - Porch - DIY Painted Floors
One Kings Lane

Top Image Credit: Alisa Burke

Have you painted your vinyl, wood, or concrete floor? Show us your project in the comments!