The 12 Best DIY Rug Tutorials Of All Time

A room without a rug is like an outfit without shoes. It’s a great start, but, um...something’s missing. 

Unfortunately, covering your home in rugs can be a little bit pricey. It seems counterintuitive that the decoration that you walk on should be one of the spendiest ones in the space. But it is—and that means that sometimes, you have to get creative to stay stylish.

In the spirit of style, creativity, and having everything you want and then some, here are the twelve best DIY rug projects out there. From a faux flokati to

1. Black and white rag rug

This rug is made from inexpensive fabric remnants sewn together with one easy, continuous seam. Best of all, it can be customized to your style by picking fabrics in a palette you love.

A Beautiful Mess - Porch - DIY rugs
A Beautiful Mess

2. Mandala no-sew floorcloth

This durable floorcloth is easier than it looks. All you need is a tablecloth you love and a couple of items from the hardware store, and you’ve got high style for little effort.

Dream Book Design - Porch - DIY rugs
Dream Book Design

3. Floral jute mat

This rope mat looks like one you’d find in stores for haute hippies, but it’s ridiculously easy to make. For a bold twist, use brightly colored nylon rope instead of natural fibers.

Completely Coastal - Porch - DIY rugs
Completely Coastal

4. Geometric printed rugs

These geometric printed rugs can be customized with any shape, pattern, or color—and they’re so easy, you could make them with kids.

Homemade by Carmona - Porch - DIY rugs
Home Made by Carmona

5. Braided t-shirt rug

What do you do with those stained, worn-out t-shirts? Don’t toss them—instead, make a pretty rag rug in colors that inspire.

The Wonderforest - Porch - DIY rugs
The Wonderforest

6. Faux flokati

Dare we say…flauxkati? This DIY faux fur rug will bring a touch of texture and warmth to your space. Don’t fear the pale color—this rug is machine-washable.

View Along the Way - Porch - DIY rugs
View Along the Way

7. Gold faux zebra rug

Gold. Faux. Zebra. I mean, what else do we really need to say? Style this painted rug by itself for a modern urban look, or layer it over another rug for designer boho style.

Brittany Makes - Porch - DIY rugs
Brittany Makes

8. Painted kilim

This super-easy DIY turns a ubiquitous IKEA rug into a rich, gorgeous kilim. All you need is some painter’s tape and a desire to have the best-looking place ever.

The Gold Jelly Bean - Porch - DIY rugs
The Gold Jelly Bean

9. Aztec floorcloth

This floorcloth looks complicated, but it’s super-easy to make. A coat of clear sealer means it can be swept and even mopped, making it the perfect bright accent for a kitchen or mudroom.

Nellie Bellie - Porch - DIY rugs
Nellie Bellie

10. Moroccan painted rug

This easy DIY transforms a drab cream rug into an accent piece that makes the room. Try it in complementary colors that suit your room.

Upcycled Treasures - Porch - DIY rugs
Upcycled Treasures

11. Tribal floorcloth

This no-sew, paint-free floorcloth is as easy as a trip to the fabric store, and adds instant texture to your interior.

Vintage Revivials - Porch - DIY rugs
Vintage Revivals

12. Faux tile floorcloth

Stuck with a generic hall or entryway that’s bringing down your style? This easy, temporary fix gives your floor the texture of tile, without the commitment.

Design*Sponge - Porch - DIY rugs

Top Image Credit: Nellie Bellie

Do these DIY rugs inspire you to step up your floor style? Which one’s your fave?


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