11 Inspiring Pinterest Accounts For People Who Love Homemaking

Pinterest was made for immersing yourself in a more beautiful world, guided by a Greek chorus of similar-minded people who convince you to explore the infinite possibilities of Mason jars and chalk paint.

As the site has grown, it’s also become a little trickier to find the Pinners who consistently post inspiring ideas among the Pinners who fill your feed with, say, ugly photos of casseroles. (Not that there is anything wrong with casseroles, I just haven’t seen one that photographs well.)

As a starting point, I’ve sifted through my current roster of favorite home and garden Pinners you should follow if you love decorating.

If you have any great Pinners you’d like to nominate, share a link in the comments, or tweet your picks at @Porchdotcom.

1. Centsational Girl

Centsational Girl - Porch - Pinners

Centsational Girl - Porch - Pinner
Centsational Girl

The wildly popular DIY blogger has an incredible array of pins, all expertly categorized. You will want to do every single project—consider yourself warned.

2. Garden Therapy

Garden Therapy - Porch - Pinners

Garden Therapy - Porch - Pinners
Garden Therapy

The Pinterest account behind this Canadian gardening blog is (naturally) heavy on the outdoor ideas. All are expertly curated, but we particularly love the Succulents and Cacti board.

3. Common Sense Homesteading

Common Sense Homesteading - Porch - Pinners

Common Sense Homesteading
Common Sense Homesteading

Though more prescriptive than eye-candy, Common Sense Homesteading has a wealth of expert advice on everything from canning to gardening.

4. Bright.Bazaar

Bright Bazaar - Porch - Pinners


This hugely popular Pinner has over 2 million followers—and counting. Though the boards cover a wide range of lifestyle topics, his home-focused pins reveal a great eye for design.

5. Joani Schofield

Joani Schofield - Porch - Pinners

Joani Schofield
Joani Schofield

Another hugely popular Pinner, Joani Schofield sets herself apart with her incredible eye for color, detail and mood. Her Pins have a certain dreamy quality that we can just get lost in. Such as: The Excellent Exteriors board, which is filled with adorable homes.

6. The Space Between

The Space Between - Porch - Pinners

The Space Between
The Space Between

Inspiring photos and genius DIYs are to be expected from the Pinterest account of a blogger currently in the midst of renovating her Key West home. Can we “Freaky Friday” ourselves into her life?

7. Maison de Pax

Maison de Paix - Porch - Pinners

Maison de Pax
Maison de Pax

Gorgeous ideas with a shabby chic accent are the specialty of blogger and Pinner Maison de Pax. You’ll find recipes, furniture recommendations and décor ideas for living with style.

8. Live Love DIY

Live Love DIY - Porch - Pinners

Live Love DIY
Live Love DIY

If you’ve ever longed for a more fabulous way to organize your desk, LiveLoveDIY has the Pin for that. You’ll find gorgeous Pins that’ll make your home (and you) more glamorous through great products, décor ideas and DIYs. And yes, that is a board that’s one hundred percent puppies, kittens, and pink flowers. We told you: fabulous.

9. Clean and Scentsible

Clean and Scentsible - Porch - Pinners

Clean and Scentsible
Clean and Scentsible

It’s hard to get excited about organizing – but the Pinner and blogger behind Clean and Scentsible manages to do so by focusing on gorgeous photos and easy tips. The truly messy will find inspiration through the solutions found on “The Household Organization Diet.”

10. Practically Functional

Practically Functional - Porch - Pinners

Practically Functional
Practically Functional

This Pinterest account has loads of DIY tutorials for décor, gifts, cleaning and holidays. Repurposing fans take note of the Trash To Treasure board, which focuses on creative upcycling ideas.

11. Fabulous Home Ideas

Fabulous Home Ideas - Porch - Pinners

Fabulous Home
Fabulous Home

What you see is precisely what you’ll get from this under-the-radar Pinner (who should definitely have more followers!). Her nicely-curated board is home to a wealth of ideas for every room of your house. The aesthetic tone is accessible and classic.

Who are your favorite Pinners? Leave a link in the comments or tweet your picks at @PorchDotCom!


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